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COFIP Solutions !

COFIP Solutions is a consultancy specialized in providing curative and preventive solutions against corrosion on metallic structures and facilities. COFIP Solutions is a partnership founded by very experienced and dedicated corrosion engineering professionals who have been delivering quality services in a variety of environments for a total of more than fifty years. They have worked with clients in the Oil and Gas industry, energy, infrastructure for both maintenance, new constructions and upgrades.


Fully Professional Services

Coating Inspection

It is crucial for owners of industrial and commercial structures to utilize Independent Quality Assurance inspection services in order to effectively manage the risks of corrosion and deficient performance...

Specification Preparation

COFIP Solutions is the ultimate solution for clients looking to select the perfect coating system for their project...

Contract Administration and Support

When it comes to new construction or maintenance painting projects, you need someone in your corner that truly has your best interests at heart...

Passive Fire Protection Management

Most modern buildings and steel structures have some degree of fire protection in order to protect lives, delay possible structural collapse allowing for evacuation, and provide areas of temporary refuge in the case of fire..

Coating Conditions Assessment

Are you tired of dealing with the costly and time-consuming effects of corrosion on your assets? Look no further than COFIP Solutions...

Coating Consulting and Failure Analysis

Looking for a coating consultant that has the experience and expertise to ensure your industrial coatings project is a success? Look no further than COFIP Solutions...

Project Management and Documentation

If you're not an expert in the field of coating and its processes, managing coating projects can be a daunting task...

Training Services

Do you want to be recognized as certified painter? At COFIP Solutions, our trainers are a cut above the rest. They are certified by prestigious societies like SSPC, NACE, and Corrodere, making them industry-recognized professionals...

Our Vision

To become the leading corrosion engineering services provider in Africa, recognized for our exceptional expertise and unparalleled commitment to excellence.

Our Mission Statement

To save lives and safeguard our clients’ investments by utilizing environmentally-friendly solutions to extend the lifespan of their assets, all while providing cost-effective services.

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